New ABRSM Piano Syllabus 2021-2022 | OUT NOW

We’re delighted to let you know that the ABRSM Piano syllabus 2021 & 2022 books and resources are available now for use in exams from 1st January 2021.

The new ABRSM Piano Syllabus offers teachers and students more choice than ever before, with new features that will appeal to learners at all grades. The repertoire lists are completely refreshed and are organised in a revised structure, with a move away from lists devised solely by period of composition to a greater focus on the style of the music. The new Piano Exam Pieces books each feature a selection of nine pieces from the syllabus at Grades Initial-8, covering lists A, B and C. Meticulously edited and presented, these volumes comprise rich and varied repertoire from which to create an exciting programme for an exam or concert. Each volume also includes helpful footnotes and syllabus information. Audio recordings of the nine pieces in each book, as well as all the alternative pieces on the syllabus at each grade, are available for Grades Initial-8 on CD as part of the book + CD package.

Book & CD

Book Only

New Piano Scales & Arpeggios

New Scale Explorer & Other Resources

New Piano Scales & Arpeggios from 2021

  • New books of scales and arpeggios for each grade, fully updated to reflect the new syllabus requirements
  • Each book includes all scales and arpeggios for the grade in a user-friendly format and clear page layout
  • Introducing a brand new Initial Grade for Scales and Arpeggios

Following an extensive review of our existing piano scale requirements, involving a panel of consultants and input from teachers across the globe, we have developed a revised set of requirements for use in exams from January 2021. These convenient books of scales and arpeggios contain valuable practice material for candidates preparing for ABRSM’s Piano exams. They provide essential support and fully reflect the new syllabus requirements from 2021.

Piano Initial Grade 2021-2022

  • Brand new pre-Grade 1 assessment for piano from ABRSM
  • Supported with individual books of Exam Pieces, Scales and Arpeggios, Specimen Sight-Reading Tests and Specimen Aural Tests

ABRSM is introducing a new Initial Grade exam for Piano. The exam will be introduced in the 2021 & 2022 syllabus, with first exams from 1 January 2021. The Initial Grade is a pre-Grade 1 assessment, following the same structure, content and assessment criteria as ABRSM’s existing graded music exams (three pieces, scales, sight-reading and aural tests).

It is designed to allow learners at the earliest stages of their musical journeys to celebrate their achievement, and is an ideal qualification for those who want a mark as well as helpful feedback.

Initial Grade Piano is supported with individual books of Exam Pieces, Scales and Arpeggios and Specimen SightReading Tests as well as a book of Specimen Aural Tests.

New Scale Explorer for Piano

  • A new series of activity books, which brings scales to life through short pieces, improvisation, composition and technical workouts
  • A creative way to engage students with scales
  • Valuable practice material to support candidates learning the new ABRSM Piano Syllabus scales requirements from 2021

Scale Explorer for Piano is a new set of books for students learning their scales. The five books cover the new requirements (from 2021) for ABRSM’s scales at Grades 1–5, and include activities that will encourage students to learn, explore and remember the fingering patterns and keys for the grade.

Key features include: workouts to help establish the fingering patterns by breaking each scale and arpeggio into small sections; tips and hints to help students remember the characteristics of individual scales; and short, tuneful pieces that incorporate scale and arpeggio patterns, showing how the scales are used in music and providing lots of reading and playing opportunities. Short ‘Tune Factory’ activities give learners the opportunity to compose their own melodies within the scale key, and a scales chart with tick boxes in each book helps students keep track of their scales practice.

Packed with engaging activities that give students the building blocks to achieve and progress in this vital but often challenging skill, Scale Explorer for Piano brings a sense of discovery and creativity to learning scales.